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Sponsor Are Always Welcome at SCYLC!!

If you would like to sponsor a student to attend the South Carolina Youth Leadership Conference, please contact Bill Moss at:  He will provide you with all necessary information.  Our generous donors provide the financial support needed for each student to attend the four day conference.

If you are interested in supporting one or more students it would be a substantial help as we seek support to build our program that, as its hallmark, seeks to maintain ongoing contact with our graduates to encourage them in the practice of leadership.  This is what distinguishes SCYLC from other leadership conferences.

There are no paid personnel associated with the faculty, Board of Directors, or our Advisory Board.  All instructors are volunteers who pay their own expenses including air travel from locales such as Maine and Pennsylvania.  There are no full time paid persons and no honoraria. The only paid persons are those students who receive a small stipend when acting as counselors and/or conference assistants as that payment is mandated.  Therefore, we operate on a very small budget with no overhead.

We have multiple types of sponsorship.  

Please contact Bill Moss at for all information regarding sponsorships and scholarships for SCYLC students:

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